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"Where did you get your materials?" is the most common question I hear in the conversations I have had about DIY footwear. Durable threads, different kinds of cement, natural & synthetic fibers... all that!

What materials do you use and where do you get them?

MODERATOR'S NOTE: I am pinning this question to the top of the forum, as I imagine that this will be a common question people will be asking for quite some time. Let's try to make this thread the definitive resource for all things to do with sourcing DIY materials.


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I've gotten rubber and foam sheets and adhesives from them to resole a closet-full of leather casual/work shoes. They carry a range of soling sheets by Vibram and a few other companies. I just finished one pair and will post a How-To once I know how well they work over the next few weeks.


Google is your fiend. Check out the listed websites and learn the terminology of the materials, and then use your locale specific search engine to find suppliers of those materials closer to home.

50 - Leather, sturdy sewing/punching implements

Local Craft Store - 100% wool products such as felt, roving, yarn, and felting tools and accessories. Thank goodness felting is in fashion now, you could not find these in stock 5 years ago. - soling sheets, adhesive, precut Newporter soles (I order a size up for the width and trim to my odd foot shape.) - wool roving, yarns, acid dyes and dye products, felting tools and pillows

Hardware store - foam, masking tape, plywood (for lasts and felting bases & forms)

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