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Teen Son With Plantar Fasciitis...Help?

Hello, My son (13) has been running in Vibrams and Merrill Trail Gloves since January. His knees and hips have been great...but recently his heel has been bothering him. I'm pretty sure it is plantar fasciitis. I can't tell if he has been doing too much too fast, or if the problem is caused by his lacrosse cleats (he is in the most pain after lacrosse which is two hours twice a week + games). Does anyone know of any minimalist cleats? My son told me that was an 'oxymoron', but I thought I'd check anyway! From what I can tell...he has VERY flat feet and a pronounced turn out that starts at the hips. His feet also tend to roll in just a bit. I'm trying to get him an appointment with an orthopedist next week...but until then I'm looking online to try and help him in any way I can. Thank you so much for any suggestions!


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I don't know of any minimalist cleats - some of the UNC soccer player I see have looked, but haven't found any. I've got some info and a video on plantar fasciitis here - - it explains why he may developed plantar fasciitis or a similar symptom, and some things he can do to help start to resolve the problem. If his feet are flat when he is both weight bearing and non-weight bearing then most likely he has always been that way and it's not necessarily a problem, but if the arch falls and he's flat footed only standing then that means the muscles supporting the arch have begun to fail and he's overpronating, and that will contribute to plantar fasciitis symptoms too. Good luck -Dr. Gangemi



Agree with Steve's take. tough over email to evaluate function so take all this advice as general rules. having an accurate disgnosis essential too. I posted an article on this site with some foot strengthening methods. see "articles". Many cleats are really stiff in the forefoot. The NB Minimus Trail is a nice shoe for lacrosse. low to ground and flexible with wide toe box...kind of like a turf shoe.


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