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Teva Zilch straps have sharp edges.

I bought a pair of Teva Zilch sandals for summer use. Unfortunately we had a bad summer where I live so I didn't use them as much as I would have wanted to. But in the few times that I could wear them the straps rubbed my skin off three times. At first I would like to say that I really love the Zilch. It is a very comfortable sandal. It looks like Teva used the latest technology in sandal making. The straps have sharp edges though. The first time I wore them they rubbed a piece of skin off right away. Loosening the straps resolved this. A few weeks later I ran for half an hour in my Zilch's. I was prepared for the sharp edged straps (I took bandages with me) but my skin got rubbed off again. So far I had only used my Zilch's for small walks, running errands, cycling etc. But on a holiday I took my Zilch's for a big walk when the skin had just recovered. And again... ...rubbed off skin. The problem is also that it doesn't help to release the straps. The strap becomes more loose at the outside of my foot and the skin damage is on the inside, near the big toe. I tried a simple solution: I fixed a small piece of Velcro with glue on the other side of it on the strap. A small piece of elastic ribbon went around the strap and got fixed on the glue (see pictures). The sharp edges are now off the skin.

Now I would like to know if other people have the same problem with the Zilch. And what is your solution?


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Thanks for your review. I just got a pair of these and they feel great.

Sadly, I've got skinned as well on both feet by the front straps.

Your idea is great and I would give it a try.


Last summer I found out that elastic ribbon does some rubbing on the skin too. I already bought some cotton ribbon to replace it. You could try anything that feels soft on the skin.

My son has a pair of Teva Zilch sandals. When he first got them all the straps rubbed his skin off. He literally had red marks all over both feet. Luckily he didn't seem to mind this (he isn't very sensitive), and continued wearing these sandals every day as his only pair of sandals this summer, and after a while the marks healed and didn't return.

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