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the idea of support in shoes

As I have been getting into the barefoot shoe world I keep wondering how did the idea of kids needing shoes with support (be it arch support, heel support or whatever else) come about? Most articles where I read about toddler/kids shoes specialists say that barefoot is the best and then so many of them go on to say that when buying shoes for your child you need to make sure it has enough of "support". How did that idea get started? I have been trying to read up about it, but have not been able to find anything. Anyone?

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That is an excellent question. I have no idea exactly where the idea came from, as I hear both as well. The experts do say that barefoot is best for children's foot development. Yet at the same time others, often in the athletic world, say support is needed for physical activity.

I heard it in my kids gym class, where the teacher said that the kids needed to have footwear with good "support".

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