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VFFs to Luna Sandals

Any of you runners make the switch from VFFs to Luna sandals? I have been running in VFFs for awhile (both classic and bikila) but have been intrigued by lunas for awhile. Honestly the VFFs can become a sweaty, stinky, sloppy mess after awhile. Especially in Missouri with high humidity. I wash them frequently and they recover just fine. The bikilas are worse than the classics.

I made some from a kit a few years ago, 4mm and didn't like them cause of the floppy-ness. But now they have a full line with alot of options, and i'm sure they are put together way better than my DIY.

Anyhow how do the lunas feel in comparison to VFFs? good ground feel? good flexibility?

thanks for any thoughts or input... ben-


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I've tried 4-6mm cherry and 4-6mm newflex. I prefer the 6mm newflex, it's softer and conforms to feet/ground and does not slap as much. Feel is somewhat muted compared to 4mm and VFF. Love the openness of the DIY lunas. Strap between the toes takes some getting used to.


I started out with Sprints, moved to Bikilas, and at about 500 miles my right foot started to "catch fire" with inflamation. I blame misalignment of the toes on that foot since it's the "weird foot".

So when I got my Lunas, it took a bit to break them in, but once they were formed to my feet and I found that "sweet" spot with the placement of the thong and tightness and all that, they're really great. I can't go back to VFF's for long distance anymore. I just wear them to the gym and sometimes go out for short runs if I feel like it. When it gets colder and wet, I plan to run in my Feelmax Osmas with some wool socks.


I moved from VFF's to home made huaraches, I hated the way the VFFs made my feet feel enclosed and the stinky sloppy aspect got tiresome too.

I've not been running in the huaraches, but I've hiked a fair bit and worn them exclusively for nearly a year now. I don't wear anything else, unless there's a safety issue.

Given the reasonable cost I wouldn't hesitate to give them a try. Even if they didn't work out for your running, I think you'd still get good use out of them.

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I switched last spring to Lunas and have a pair of the Brancas as well. I own 3 pair of VFFs. Of the Vibrams I still use the leather Treks for rougher trails and will probably use them again this winter. They have a different design for whatever reason and super compfortable.

The Lunas are just fantastic once you get used to them, like others said with the strapping and fit. I have the elastic laces but am really intrigued by some of the new designs out (6mm original lunas). The Brancas use shoestrings and are easy and comfortable but the sole is different, more like a slab of thin rubber. The only complaint I have about those is that they are loud when you run since it kind of "slaps" against the ground. ONce you tie them they just slip on and off. The elastic laces occasionally bother me if they are too tight on long runs but it's a minimal issue.

Either of them eliminates any constraints caused by VFF's as others have said above. My Sprints are too tight I think and causes me some pain in my arch which caused my switching to Lunas.

So as said above, check out Maple Grove Barefoot's sandal reviews and all the newer models out and I bet you'll never go back. Best toe and foot splay. NO smelly shoes to mess with. Not hot and sweaty. But best of all you get all the people gawking at your feet :)


I too have made the transition from VFF to huarache. I started running in VFF Originals and then started wearing KSOs and Treks as well. Near the end of marathons and 50ks I would develop hot spots and so I gave the Original Lunas a shot. It took a few long runs in them to break in the leather laces and get the feet accustomed to them but I thoroughly enjoy running in them more than the VFFs. The Lunas still can't get me through a 50k without some pain and so I now am using MT101s for my long runs and stick with Luna and bare feet for all the shorter runs. As for the VFFs, they are now my primary work shoes but I will bust them out once in a while for a run.

I recently got a pair of Luna Catamounts as well as some huaraches from Invisible Shoes that I need to play with on the trails/long runs to see how they stand up in comparison.

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