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Vibrams KSO EVO for boating?

Hello there! I've been looking for a good pair of 'sandals' to wear for a boat that will keep me moving efficiently, but still give me comfort and grip. I ended up thinking about the ToeShoes after not having a lot of luck with standard closed toe sandals. After some looking at the Vibram's TrekSport sandals, I ended up trying on the KSO EVO's and found them really comfortable and mostly affordable. Anyone else think they'd be good for boating or no?

I personally think that the zigzag patterned treads will fit in well with the boats fiberglass 'grit' that is built into the boat to help with traction. Please let me know! Thanks guys! (And gals!)


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(Oh, I should also mention that stubbing my toe /shouldn't/ become an issue, I'm usually VERY aware of where I'm walking and would likely become even more aware with the possibilities of stubbing my toe even more with these. Hehe.)


I canoe wearing VFF (don't recall which model, it doesn't really matter) and find them great - feet don't get cold when they're wet, they're flexible, they don't get jammed under the seat when I kneel. Good grip on whatever surface. It sounds like you're on something more like a sailboat; the only thing I'd worry about there is whether the sole is non-marking.


Hey, Foxglove, thanks for replying. Yeah, I got my shoes a few weeks ago, I don't wear them as much as I should, but I'm feeling pretty used to them already, I don't get out as often as I'd like, but anyways. I'm pretty sure the soles are non-marking, they don't seem like regular sole rubber, and they have GREAT grip when they aren't covered in dust, and considering the boat has grit-grip on it, I likely won't fall anywhere, should work just fine, thanks for your reply though!

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