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Vivo Barefoot

I read an interesting article today.

Has anyone tried these?


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That's the very article that got me interested in minimalist shoes! Man, it's been--what--a couple of years since I've read it.

"Born to Run" sealed the deal (he typed, wearing his homemade huarache sandals).

After reading that NY Mag article, I got some Vivo Barefoots--and loved them for about a year--until they became too narrow (or, rather, my feet became too wide?) and they started chaffing my pinkie toe on one foot. I have three pairs--and don't wear them anymore. It's very sad.

I'm still looking for a comfortable minimalist shoe with a wide-enough toe box!


Damien, Thanks for the link to the reviews. I missed them somehow.

Wilberfan, I didn't even notice the 2008 publication date. lol I'm still new to this barefoot/minimalist running business. I was searching for reviews on minimalist trail running/scrambling shoes when I found that article.

I found a place in Durango, CO that makes their own huarache sandals, but I didn't like how they tied them. I'm trying to get them to ship me a couple of the soles only that they make out of recycled tire tread to experiment with.


There were so many options, I didn't know which to pick. I am checking the invisible shoes now too. What options did you go with from BFT? I am not sure whether to go with 4mm or 6mm.<br> Thanks


Depending on your budget, I have heard that BFTs new Equus laces are amazing (although I haven't tried them myself). I think you can get them on all models.


I think I ordered the 6mm--thinking that they'd work better for hiking, and the leather laces.

I didn't like the leather much at all (although to be fair, they might be more comfortable now--having learned more about different tying methods), so sent away for the hemp--which I really like. I'm really curious about the new 'stretchy' ones, but having tried them yet...


I suggest you go for 4mm. I bought mine last year and I love it. In fact, I even customized it by adding some personalize designs and colors. It's actually similar to "Make your own Havaianas" if you're familiar with. Check out the photos here - If you're having problem loading the page, just let me know =)


wilberfan, I reckon you'd find buyers for those shoes if you offered them on this forum.

What size and models are they? (I'm usually a size 41 myself).

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