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Well, Hi!!!

As you may have guessed, my name is Alex. I'm here for a few reasons, but mainly for assistance.

In about a year and a half I'm going to be filming a documentary on Nature and Wildlife Conservation up here in Canada where I'll be hiking in a straight line from Edmonton, AB to Vancouver, BC (with a 20km leeway on either side of the line). For those who don't know where either of those places are, they're both located on the west side of Canada. The distance between them is roughly 820km (510miles).

I've just recently come into contact with a few barefoot communities and really wanted to give it a shot. However, I wanted to integrate this walk of mine with barefooting! I'm just not quite sure how quickly my body can acclimatize to the stresses that I'll face during this trip.

So! You'll see a few topics popping up everywhere on this forum by me asking some questions, the more help the merrier!

I'm sure I'll get to know (and perhaps meet) some great people on these boards!


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Hey, welcome! I know exactly where both of those places are. I attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and I have family living in the Vancouver area. That sounds like a very cool project you have going there. I can wait to here more!


Oh cool! I look forward to following your journey and your preparations on this forum. I do hope your doc is shown by the BBC.

You probably know that Andrew Jackson is Head of the BBC's Natural History Unit, based in Bristol, UK. I don't know if it buys in outside productions.


Thanks for the warm welcomes!

The documentary is also a pilot for a television series I'm pitching to the Discovery Channel and National Geographic :) Fortunately I already have connections with the Discovery Channel! BBC would be nice too!


Fantastic project! I'm excited to hear more. I've been working on building up my barefootedness with a goal to run a Marathon in bare feet. I'd be happy to swap notes. I'm sure that you have ventured over to There is a post on gravel bucket training that might give you a step up in conditioning your feet during our harsh winters. I'll be using it to train for a barefoot half in the spring. Best of luck.


thanks! I'll have to take a look at it :) I wouldn't mind some note exchanges too

EDIT: I wasn't able to find it actually, do you have a link?


ah perfect, thanks! That may help out with the winter months where I'm from (-30c yesterday)


Ah! thank you for the link! As I said before, I'm not so nervous or doubtful that a person couldn't do this trek barefooted, but it must have taken him years to be able to achieve that kind of stress resistance! It does bring me a little more comfort though, being able to see all those images :)

Thanks again! If you have any more links feel free to send em my way!

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