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Where to Buy Minimus trail?

I have been looking online for a place to pre-order the New Balance minimus online, and have not found any information. I want to overnight it, the day it is released.


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The word on the street is the New Balance will not be selling them on a large scale for several months. The only way to purchase them will be through their own site. aka or

This came from worries about people just jumping into minimalism, getting hurt, and bringing in the lawyers.

As for in stores, they have locator that says where near your location the minimus shoes will be sold.

So New Balance is going to try to be instructional about the transition.

Again, they will only be selling them from their site online and in running stores.

I'm not even thinking about them and am focusing on the Altra Instinct.


I was hoping we would be able to pre-order the shoes on their website already though. I want to guarantee that I get them quick!


searayman, they are already available in stores. I've had mine for almost 2 weeks now. Minimus Life, Minimus Road, and Minimus Trail. Got all 3. If you start calling around to your local running shops, you'll find one that has them. They are not online.


They are officially on the New Balance website as of midnight!!! I just bought mine!!! Can't wait to get the min the mail in 2 days!!!!

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