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Altra Footwear release Instinct/Intuition!

So the Altra Instinct and Intuition have hit the shelves! Buy them at one of the specialty running shops across the country or at I obviously love the shoe but I would love to hear what the forum thinks in terms of:

A) If you've tried them, what do you think?


B) Is a Zero Drop foot shaped flexible shoe that we categorize as a natural running shoe conducive to minimalist runners since there is still a full cushioned midsole? It's not a minimalist shoe but is uses several minimalist principles. What are people's thoughts?


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Impatiently waiting for Running Warehouse to get the size 13s in stock!!!

Out of curiosity, what is the return policy if these are ordered through the Altra website? Thanks!



I have had this on my feet for 5 days straight. Well freaking done! There is a ton to love about this shoe and the zero drop is so noticable even vs something that is 6mm or so. I have found (as have a few customers) that this shoe runs about 1/2 short. Most people who are going into the same size as a well fitting Newton or Inov8, seem to be doing just fine.

Though it shares many principles as other minimalist footwear (for arguments sake shoes with zero cushion) this may be a good compliment, but not necessarily and alternative. I think this is a great compliment to a Vibram or Terra Plana (and soon the be Altra Adam). If you can have your technique honed in those shoes and put in the longer efforts or runs on very technical terrain in the Instinct you just might have a winning combo.

We sold out of the 13s in less than 24 hours and we'll have more in next week.

Great job Brian and the rest of the team at Altra!




Mine came in today. Feel pretty good with and w/o socks, love the anatomic shape. Very lightweight as far as traditional shoes go. A tad short, need a 1/2 size longer.

Wife says they look like Gumby shoes...

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