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Another Hello from Brooklyn!

Hello Everyone,

Just started running in September, 2010. Actually, I tried a few years ago, but we won't dwell on that - my flat feet were prescribed stability shoes, and it wasn't good...

This time around, I started out in Nike Free Run+, and now mostly run in New Balance MT101s, but have been using Nike Free 3 v2, for my treadmill runs (to avoid confusion, I'm female - I just prefer men's shoes).

I like the 101s and Free 3 a lot, but have found that I don't do well with them on longer runs - say above 6.5 miles. So, I'm looking for an alternative for longer distances. First up for trial is the Kinvara. I'd welcome other suggestions, if anyone is inclined...

Very glad to have come across this site!


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Nice to see the NYC runners joining in! As for your question, what specifically about the MT101's and Free's do you not like on longer runs?


I'm getting a burning friction(hot spots?)at the balls of my feet, in both pair. This happens both with and without socks (I wear Injinji). I lasted longer in the Frees, than in the 101s. I think the discomfort started in the Frees at around 8-9 miles.


Tough to say, but it could be a form issue, not a shoe issue. If you try the Kinvaras, and end up with the same result, definitely look into modifying your form. Good luck!

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