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Barefoot Vinneeee

I am a 38 year old runner/racquetball player from minnesota. I have been minimal for about a year and a half. It is super hard to get barefoot runs in wintertime here. I spend a lot of time on the treadmill.

I have used 10+ kinds of minimalist footwear for running.

my favorite is bare feet

2nd favorite vibram five fingers

there is a bunch of junk out there (zep's beach shoes lasted about 50 miles, my ghetto sawed off heel running shoes sucked too.


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Welcome aboard, glad to have you here!

Yeah, minimalist footwear for winter use is my pet peeve right now. Still haven't found anything that I am completely happy with yet.


What do you wear for racquetball? I wrecked a pair of VFFs playing racquetball once, they just couldn't handle the stress of making quick direction changes.


I tried the martial arts shoes but they really didnt work as well as the ektelon shoes (racquetball specific)


When I walk to work in town I can often have snow that is over my ankles in some places. Not exactly the place where I would like to wear snowshoes.

In the backcountry, snowshoes are a must, and I would wear a pair of waterproof overboots for that. The problem with the waterproof overboots is that they don't have any sort of tread for walking in town. The sole would wear way too quickly.


Haven't tried those yet... it might be an option in warmer temps. Not so good in the cold, but then if it were cold, wet snow wouldn't be such a problem either.


I wear the the Terra Plana Franklins up here in SW Ontario Damien. It might not be quite as wet as Maine, but it's close I'd bet. I waited until I could use 2 coupon codes, so they were $90 + shipping instead of $195.

I used Nikwax on them, and if the snow is a little deeper I wear a pair of ankle gaiters. So far they've been perfect for snowy trails and road slush.


Oh, wanted to say that I've been running in cut down Gore-Tex Adidas trail shoes but they're too stiff.

You could also opt for waterproof socks and keep going in perforated minimalist shoes such as the Saucony Kinvara. I have two sets of Kinvaras and they're basically see-through so water just comes in and out with no problems at all.

Just a thought.


I am waiting for someone to make an anatomically correct Gore-Tex sock. All of the ones I have tried so far are much too restricting in the toes. Otherwise, I like your idea, I have tried it, but haven't found joy in the socks.


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