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Become a Barefoot Running Coach

VIVOBAREFOOT and Lee Saxby have just launched their new barefoot running coach training program in the USA. The first US program date will be held from October 26th - October 30th in Denver Colorado.

For more details, you can check-out their newly re-designed website here:

Based on my experiences with the session I had with Lee at Outdoor Retailer this past summer, and the seminar I was able to attend with Tina Dubois a few weeks ago in Edmonton, this clinic should be great.

Wish I could be there! Unfortunately I have other plans... plans that include trekking through the mountains of Montana. More on that trip in the forthcoming weeks...


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This course is amazing! I was one of the 10 invited to be the first to take this course back in May in NYC with Lee.

It combines science with intuition and was an incredible 5 days. They gave us high speed video cameras and we spent much time learning about video analysis of runners including ourselves. It is more than worth the investment!

Cheers, Angie

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