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Ecco to release a more minimal Biom

If you have never heard of the Ecco Biom, I wrote a review a long long time ago here:

But the more important news is that Ecco seems o realize the Biom was heavy and clunky compared to what most minimal runners like to run in. With that I was contacted by some one inside Ecco who claims they are working on a more minimal Biom and a trail version for fall 2011 and spring 2012. Should be interesting to see how minimal they go, since the Biom had a low heel to toe drop but not a great ground feel.


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I tried on a Biom once in a store. Wasn't too impressed with it from a minimalist standpoint. It will be interesting to see what they come up with in the next iteration. Trail version too? I am always open to more minimalist trail shoes!


A little late to the ballgame with those deployment dates (i.e., fall 2011/spring 2012). They will have way too much competition to deal with by that time.



They are all going to be jumping on the minimalist bandwagon, but if they do it Biom style, they will fail miserably.

Only a few have hit the right formula. Vibram of course invented it (not barefoot/minimalist but the formula that people love - they went quirky but desirable.)

I think Merrell has a winner with the Barefoot line too. I'd like to see one with KSO style tread instead of the KSO Trek style they are doing now - something for asphalt runners.

Not sure about the others yet. Too out there, too fringe, or just playing it too safe, like the Nike Free line.


Before everyone bashes the biom it was a great low drop shoe, yes it had some heel height and not much ground feel but I put over 200 miles on mine and loved them. The build quality was amazing and worth the price tag.

They were a great shoe for me when I was transitioning down, and I was able to have a great forefoot strike with them


I'm not into minimalist footwear quite... but I am interested in something with low or zero drop and a polyurethane midsole. No built up heel, dramatic toe spring, or flared heel. Low/zero drop and a PU midsole seems to be impossible outside of Chaco sandals. Haven't seen one of these in person, but the toe box looks small and it doesn't appear to come in wide. They can make all the claims they want of an "anatomical last," but when it's got a curve ending in a pointy Nike toe I'm not buying it.

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