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Flexible shoes for 3-year old, with freedom to move big toe

I'm looking for outdoor minimalist shoes for my three year old and haven't yet seen anything that combines a very flexible sole with enough big toe room.

He's currently wearing soft stars (shoes, not mods) and while I'm happy with the soles I'm unhappy with the amount of room he has to move his toes (to the extent that I've considered cutting off the toe box, but as the temperature drops this isn't really an option). I've often noticed that the first thing he does after I take off his shoes is to move his big toe in all directions as much as he can, as though he's conscious of it having been 'locked' into place while he's had the shoes on.

It's getting to the stage that I'm thinking of having a go at making his shoes myself...

Anyone got any ideas?


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Thanks Damien. I own five pairs of Vivobarefoots (barefeet?) myself but am balking at paying so much for shoes for a three-year old, especially when what I'm looking for should be cheap to produce. I've contacted Vivobarefoot about this, and especially to ask that they bring out the Dharma in kids sizes as for me this is their best shoe due to the space for the big toe.

Go well,



I hear you about the cost!

How about the Teva Nilch for kids? I have a pair of the adult Nilch's and they have a nice wide toebox, as they are built around an anatomic last. Not great for cold weather, but definitely more affordable than the VIVO's.


I'll check them out, but it's not the only the width that I'm looking for but also height, so that he can raise his big toe. Otherwise the toe is blocked and his gait hampered.


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