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Franklin boot

I came across this very recent short thread on the Terra Plana Facebook page:

"Bryon Rossi: The Franklin's are the best 3 season boot I've ever owned. Do you recommend treating them with some sort of leather conditioner or protection?

"Terra Plana A water proofing spray for leather could further protect against cosmetic water damage but they have been water proofed."

Also, Earl Gray Toe put a post into the "Minimalist Snow Boots" thread on this forum, saying that Franklins does the job - see 1st and 3rd posts in this thread:

Earl Gray Toe and jurado hall have also written positive reviews on this boot:

I find all these really helpful, as a barefoot-type waterproof boot is something that I really have to get.


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I'm with you Isha looking for a minimalist winter boot. The Franklin's look great for a city boot and may work great with a gator. I run a cottage resort perched on a hill in a place that can have from 2-5 of snow on the ground. Traction is going to be an issue for me at the expense of thinness. Being in and out of cottages to do repairs I am looking for something that slides off and on quickly and is taller. I left a message with Stem when I pre-ordered their shoe.....hoping they will take up the cause by next winter. I like how they went with the wrap affect on the Franklin's as I had suggested that to Stem. If they did a boot similar to Kuuva but had the upper fabric wrap and velcro strap on the outside of the leg. time will tell


There's an interesting (IMO) short thread here:

For anyone not on Facebook, Terra Plana are asked: "Could you make a Vivobarefoot boot - lace-up and hiking boot height - that is waterproof and provides no ankle support? The Franklin would be fine if not for the ankle support."

and Terra Plana reply: "It is in the making! We have a brilliant multi-terrain range coming for AW11, which should hit stores in September. So a lot to look forward to! In the meantime, some of our customers use the Alexander (a sandal) for their hiking trips. Features VIVOBAREFOOT off road rubber sole."

I'm not sure what AW11 means, but I shall be looking out for the new boot.


It sure seems like it will be a great year for new minimalist shoes and boots, thanks for the link

I hope to receive my Inov-8 288's in the next week which I hope will do for hiking. I will write a review about them. The first test will be an over night hike along a rugged river gorge. April 22.

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