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winter footwear solved

I was thinking Steger Mukluks but the price is high for me and they really don't want you wearing them in rain conditions. Finally I came across great reviews for Chota Quicklace Mukluks. I happened upon a pair in the size I needed on Ebay and with shipping came in at a hundred bucks. Absolutely flat sole very wide with nice give to them if 2 pairs of socks are worn. I stood in the lake today draining water out of our paddle boats and no leaks. The only question remaining is traction on packed snow. May require Yaktraxs or similar if they prove too slippery.


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For myself I know that I do not get cold easily and my feet usually overheat. This was a big concern regarding the Stegers. Previously I had Merrell Tundra boots which only have 200gms of Thinsulate I could be out all day in -40F with no issue of cold feet. With the Chotas I expect that if needed I can use heavier socks but we shall see. Standing in 40 degree water with just cotton sport socks in the boots while I emptied the boats my feet were nice and warm.


Those muluks look pretty dope. Thanks for posting and getting me looking for winter footwear again.

After some internet snooping I ended up buying the Chota High Top bootie:

1) I don't need super-warm. This is for around town, shoveling snow, hour-long walks. 2) I don't need knee-high. Would prefer a little higher than the High Top, but this suits my needs better. 3) Price - $24 includes shipping.

The high top's sole and last look the same to me as the Muluk...but who knows. Fit is always the biggest problem for me as I have straight, wide, thick, high-volume feet. Will report back in a few weeks.

I also just bought Smartwool Mocaroon: Tried on at REI but ordered from Zappos cause I wanted a different color. Store impressions: No-rise, thin 5-6mm hard rubber sole, straight boxy last, huge thick removable insole (thank god for shoes with removable insoles lol, only shoes I can get my foot into). Without insole fits well. Should work well for dry cold weather.

Last Winter I used: Sorel Manawan's with the insole removed. Plenty warm but in no way appropriate for wet weather. Pretty good on the minimalist front - super thin soles, shape/width good. Main issue is they move around on my feet a lot, and this feedback is a problem.

Sierra Designs Fireside Down Booties. SUPER WARM. Two downsides. 1) Horrible in wet weather. I know, they are slippers, but the sole attaches to upper about 2mm off ground, and this seam is not waterproof. So if there is ANY water on the ground, your feet will be soaked in 10 minutes. 2) Sole is very soft and squishy...which I despise. Thankfully sole is pretty thin (7mm?) so the softness is not a huge problem. Oh, and they look very goofy, think moon boots.


Glad the posting helped! I have size 11 4E's high arches and instep so I feel your pain finding a comfy shoe. Got the Quicklace Muks in size 12 and they are perfect. TOTALLY waterproof. Have been in the lake removing docks for the winter.For that purpose I have my goretex pants over the pants to act like hip waders. Barely feel them on. I can totally see you not needing the height for most of your use and being is malls would over heat in mine. I will have to come up with something for those few times I am neat one.


I can now update the cold useability of these boots. While working for 5 hours in -4c temps my feet never got cold wearing regular tune socks. We were doing construction work on the back of a cottage which did not require lots of moving, mostly shuffling in place and we were not doing enough physical activity to generate heat. My son was in snowmobile type boots that you can buy at Walmart and his toes were uncomfortably cold by the time we finished. I have done a couple hours work in -15c with no problems and also spent 2 hours in the lake breaking ice to move a dock. That was physical work so my feet got warm. These boots are incredibly comfortable I don't want to take them off when I come in and do not when in for lunch. I should mention however that there maybe steps required to "adjust" them when new. The sides up past the ankle bone have a heavy rubber panel to protect from tears. This area may not fit your ankle bone correctly when new and can be extremely pain for even short walks. Don't panic insert something wide into the boot, I used a 2x4, then use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the rubber panels on both sides. Leave the board in while it cools. This is tough rubber and my heat gun on high did not come close to melting the product so make sure to get it hot to the touch.

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