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Greetings from frigid Nebraska

Hello, all. What a great site! I'm excited to see what I learn from here.

I think I have a slightly different background that quite a few of you. I'm not a runner, nor have I had health problems that I seek to rectify through the wearing of minimalist footwear. I'm just a gal who loves going barefoot. And as a stay-at-home, homeschooling momma, I get to do just that quite a bit of the time. I have known for years that when I have to wear shoes (i.e. have to leave the house) my feet would start to hurt, and I couldn't wait to shed my shoes. I drive my husband nuts because the moment I get in the car, I take my shoes off.

I've only just recently discovered the world of minimalist footwear. My go-to shoes right now are a pair of Northshore water shoes, which I love. Winter has been a challenge though. If it's cold, a pair of wool socks usually does the trick. But I have yet to find a solution for snow.

Excited to see where this journey leads.


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Hey! We're eastern Nebraskans. You?

I'm very familiar with the running circuit--not because I run, but my hubby does. He's been interested in tris recently and may work up to one soon. Maybe our paths will cross.

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