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Hello from a UK lightweight hiker

Just a quick hello from the UK. It's nice to see a dedicated barefoot forum! I've always had foot pain whilst hiking and wearing boots. Over the last few years I've discovered inov8 shoes and never had any problems again. I'm interested in going lighter and getting a more natural foot movement still. I've always worn sandals for 8 months in the year so I'm no stranger to having my feet out. This looks like a cracking place to find out more.


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Well I've just made my first pair of Luna Sandals and have gotten used to the leather between my toes (that hurts a lot at first but you soon get over it).

I'm going to do a post about them on my blog when I actually manage to get out hiking, hopefully in the very near future.

I love the feel, or non feel of the sandal, if funds allow I'll go to a thinner sole sometime soon to.

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