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Hello from London, UK

Hello everyone,

Minimalist shoe fan and would-be barefoot runner based in South East London here. I've been running in Vivo's for about ten months but have just suffered a set back with a stress injury in one foot - rubbish! I think I must've pushed it too far...

Any advice? I'd love to be back running/exercising as soon as poss, barefoot or otherwise.

Happy minimalism to one and all,



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Welcome Lucy, it is great to have you here!

What kind of injury did you get? I think that the best way to get some good advice would be to post a question in the Sports and Recreation forum with your specific issues. We do have a doc that stops by the forum every so often, so he might be able to offer some advice as well.


Hi Lucy, When you say "stress injury", what exactly do you mean? Have you been to a doc about it? Best things for it if it's the foot would be to ice the area a few times a day, and take a week off from running. If it feels good, try running a short distance, and see if the pain returns. If not, then slowly increase the miles again. Also, be conscious of your form- that's something all BF/minimalist runners need to pay attention to, especially when starting out. Best of luck!



Nope, haven't been to a doctor, but the pharmacist said something like that and gave me a little cushion thing to wear under the ball of my foot until it recovered. Lots of icing too.

Foot is absolutely fine now and I'm back running, albeit a bit more mindfully.



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