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Help with ITBS

I've got ITBS in my left leg/knee. I have been using a foam roller and taking time off but I can't seem to shake it. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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I'm currently recovering from it as well. Showed up 1 week after my first 50 mile race. I've just been running shorter runs around 3 miles and doing a lot of cycling as that doesn't seem to bother it much...I had it last year for a couple weeks too and it is just one of those injuries that doesn't seem to have much of a consistant cause or solution...just keep feeling it out...from my experience, time fully off, doesn't seem to do much for it, but using it a little bit, without aggravating it, seems to be the best.

Best of luck to the both of us,



I think the best thing you can do for your ITBS is work on proper running form. I recently attended two running seminars, one by Lee Saxby and the other by Tina Dubois (Toegirl Tina). It is completely possible to run in minimalist footwear with bad form which still can lead to injury or prevent old ones from healing properly.


Respectively I don't believe that my ITBS is from poor running form. I believe it is for some but I have worked very hard on my running form and have been told that it looks good. I believe I've had a flare up from increasing my mileage too quickly and running too many hills.


It was not clear to me in your original question whether you had considered that or not. I just wanted to make sure that you had fully explored that angle.

Running has never been my passion, but I like to do it for fitness. I have learned a ton in a couple of quick sessions with those guys, it has really opened my eyes to the importance of form.


It is funny right after I wrote my response to you, I came across this article. The part where it talks about feet splaying out intrigues me. I have had ITBS twice now and both times my left leg. I wonder if my left foot is slightly turned out putting pressure on my IT band. This isn't something I have really thought too much about. I will keep an eye on this on my next run. Thanks.


That looks like a good article, thanks for passing it on. I realized afterwards that my reply to you sounded a little too much like a "know-it-all", especially coming from a non-running expert. Sorry about that.

Either way, I hope you get your issue sorted out, and once you do, I would be very interested in knowing how you did it.

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