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hey from Brooklyn

Greetings all, nice to find a community for fellow minimalists! Been a barefooter for years, as much as I can get away with, but some how got stuck in regular old shoes when I got back into running 4 years ago. I run to stay sane, be alone for awhile, and get small breaks from homeschooling my two boys. Got my first pair of VFF's exactly a year ago, and haven't worn anything else since for my runs, or much else for that matter. They've made a huge difference in how much I enjoy running, and I've had virtually no joint issues since I switched. So much nicer, and once my gait adjusted I think I'm a bit faster and definitely healthier. No toenail loss and hardly any blisters after the NYC marathon last fall :), a big change from my experience in 2008. Looking forward to finding out more about other minimalist options.


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A fellow homeschooler! Welcome.

Alas, I am not a runner, hence BarefootKitchen but I do hike and backpack in minimal footwear.

lovely to meet you.


Thanks and lovely to meet you also ... I landed here yesterday from your blog, which I found via Simple HomeSchool, so glad to find you both! The photo of a clothesline full of "toe" shoes made me so happy I almost jumped out of my chair :) Appreciate your perspective on homeschooling too, I'm fairly new to it (1 yr) and am always looking for ideas and such. I'm sure I'll be trolling your archives soon :). Cheers, Bethany


thanks! I'm continually surprised by how few barefooters/minimalists I see here in general, and especially in races. I answer a LOT of questions!

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