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Is there a preferred surface for natural running?

I started my conversion to natural running back in November, 2011. It has taken some adjustments, but my form is good and my foot conditioning is great. I'm not in any pain or having issues right now. I'm up to a long run of 10 miles and increasing that about a mile a week now.

I run on streets 95% of the time. Not a lot of trails close by - I don't want to drive so I can run, except for a race.

I wear Luna Sandals and sometimes Stem Footwear. I get the sense that most barefoot and minimalist runners are trail runners. Is that true and will running on blacktop be an issue for me?




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The impression I get of Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton (from all the photos of him I see) is that he is mostly a road runner, not a trail runner. I also think that quite a bit of Barefoot Teds running has happened on pavement in the past as well (as he was training for marathons). I think that quite a few barefoot runners don't run on trails, and I think running on pavement is fine.

It is after-all our running form, not so much the running surface that affects our health.

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