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Left shin issue

If I run in barefoot shoes (invisible shoes or bedrock sandals), it is very hard on my feet. By this I mean that my feet are sore and stiff for about 3 days after my run. I have to wait at least 3 days and sometimes up to 5 days before I can run again. I only run 3-6 miles each time. If I run in minimalist shoes, Altra instinct or Merrell road gloves, my left shin burns so bad that I usually stop by mile 2 to 3. I have tried every stretch and strengthing exercise I can think of for my shins and cannot seem to get past this. Compression sleeves do nothing for me. The type of terrain that I run on seems to have no barring either. I either want to run barefoot with no feet issues or with shoes without shins burning. Any suggestions would be great. If it helps, I am 6 foot and 230 pounds of mainly muscle. I body build but also like to run because I have become addicted to it. Thanks all.


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I was kind of hoping that a few of you would read this and tell me of anything you heard that could help me or of a similar story you had and what you did to fix it. Thanks.


There is probably something very wrong with your form and/or running gait. You might want to do some research on barefoot/minimalist form to see if you can figure out what might be different for you. There are a lot of form gurus out there: Lee Saxby and Michael Sandler are two that immediately come to mind. I think that Lee has written some free resources for the Vivobarefoot website as well.

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