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minimalist shoes for kids --winter

I know it's May, but it's still snowy around here. Does anyone know of any great winter shoes for kids? Warm, but still barefoot-y? We need more than just runners with warm socks, we need something for deep snow....

I have this image in my head of a mukluk-type boot. Something soft and warm without a hard sole....and of course, not too pricey since my kids grow out of shoes in minutes.



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Gotta go with Soft Star shoes.

The good news about having multiple kids is that Soft Stars are very durable and are highly hand-me-downable, even though the initial cost is a bit steep.


For hiking in the cold season I bought a pair of Terra Plana Vivobarefoot Aqueous shoes. They have a waterproof and breathable lining. On the shoes is a small hologram that shows VIVO BAREFOOT and WATERPROOF + BREATHABLE. Now these are shoes for adults. On the Vivobarefoot website I also saw kids boots with the same hologram. So these are probably also waterproof. At the moment Vivobarefoot has taken these boots of their website (summer is on it's way). But maybe you can get them from another online store. And maybe they will be in store again next winter. They looked a bit like this: (this is a womens boot) Vivobarefoot shoes are not cheap. For a lot of minimal shoes counts: minimal shoes but no minimal prices.

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