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My Running Huarache Sandals

Hi all, I'm getting closer to what I think is the ideal Huarache design for new/intermediate barefoot runners as myself that aren't so light on their feet. And I would like to share it with you.

My Huarache design is home made so anyone can make it. I've used salvaged materials some from the house and others from specialty stores to reduce my environmental impact.

although I'm now thinking that an old hoop polyester jersey should only be cut up when it can no longer be worn.

The new design features include:-

A sole designed to be stiffer and correct my foot position to promote a mid-foot strike.

The sole also has a recess groove design so the straps do not make contact with the road and don't wear down.

A twin hole design in the sole prevents the straps from sliding around and allows the forefoot end of the strap to be knot-less.

The Straps are wider for reduced pressure and friction on my skin (especially when wet) and they cross over differently providing a securer fit and more lateral support/stability a the base of the sandal.

The moisture management straps :)) are made from polyester jersey textile which also has some stretch for added comfort.

For more photos check out:-

Happy Huarache making.


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