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New Balance winter

So Damien set a burr in my sandal with his photo of the NB WT110 Winter. Here we are coming up on Autumn and nary a word from NB. It took me quite a while and I was even starting to think maybe they weren't coming out but finally found this video giving a better look.

Anyone one have any idea when they will be available?


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I asked my New Balance contact on your behalf. She told me that they are expected to be released in October, but wasn't able to give me a specific date.

I took a close look at these shoes at my local retailer this weekend. Seems like a good concept. It appears that NB has just taken a pair of MT110 and attached a bootie. the bootie seems stitched along the edge of the sole. if one just cut away the bootie, they'd be left with a normal pair of MT110s. I suspect that these would be nice shoes to run in up to 6 inches or so of snow. simple concept, well executed, at first glance.

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