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Just becoming a member of an exciting and interesting thought -- barefoot running!! I have just today made my first pair of huaraches, and am transitioning to barefoot running. I live in Northern BC so was quite intriqued to find the "sockwa" websight to go with my homemade sandals. I was searching for a way to keep my feet warm in winter, though I am thrilled to do without runners because I do struggle with feet that are often hot. I did a Relay in Northern BC and had a tough time cooling down, so I hope THIS IS THE SOLUTION!! I designed these sandals after reading and trying many designs. MY design is based with a supple,machine stitched double layer of leather. 7 holes made with a drill by drilling into a wooden block. Check the photo to see where to place the holes. And lastly threaded with lacing as seen in the photo. step 1.Lacing about 4' long--I started by threading 2 pieces of tubing (1 inch long clear tubing each) just long enough for my foot to keep the heel lace nice and high.(no more twisted lace or unsightly and unnecessary knots, no more collapsed sandals when you take them off!!)(clear tubing--large straw size)Next pair will be with beads --I had none :( Step 2: Thread through the heel hole,from the inside of the sole, than up and through one piece of tubing a second time.(make sure you have half the length of lacing) The second piece of tubing is for the other side of the heel -- thread second side of lace through the inside of the sole, than back up and through the 2nd piece of tubing and voila a no nonsense solution to the proper fitting heel. Make sure that the heel lacing is just the right snuggness for you, not loose, not tight. Step 3. Left lace crisscrossing to the right TOP hole--down, and UP again through lower right hole( from under the sole) and lastly DOWN through the hole between the big toe. The right lace crisscrosses to the left TOP hole, down to the left lower hole and then UP through that hole and lastly DOWN the hole between the big toe. Tie the two together and melt with match to flatten and glue. Voila, perfect fitting and super easy to get on and off. Probably none of this will make ANY sense to you, unless you have made huaraches before. In less than 5 minutes the threading is complete!! ENJOY!! :))


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