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No info anywhere about the Off-Road Hi and Mid?

Can't find zip online about these, yet they're available in stock at TP and a couple of online retailers.

Surprisingly, the weights listed for the Hi's are actually lower than the Neo Trails? This has to be a mistake no?

Anyway, I'm definitely considering these for a winter shoe, but I'd really love to see some more info before shelling out $185.

As usual, I think the color ways for the Neo Trails are cracked, with only two marginally acceptable options. Terra-Plana, I love your shoes, in so many ways, but I'm starting to worry about your designers.. =\

Damien, are you really that concerned about the durability of the lugs on these higher traction models? The sole on my aquas (thanks!), seem pretty indestructible, but it's the gum rubber type I think. Do the lugs feel more or less durable than the Inov-8 lugs?


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I don't know much about them either, but I am told I will be getting some for review very soon.

I have a pair of the Neo Trails I am currently testing. One issue I am finding with the soles is that they have these little flecks of white/grey rubber in them (recycled material?) and these little flecks are weakening the lugs. Little chunks of rubber are starting to break off the lugs causing them to wear faster than what I would call normal.

The lugs feel like they are made out of a more durable rubber than the Inov-8 sticky rubber, but the little flecks are weakening it, causing pre-mature wear (IMHO).


Yeah, I saw those same "specks" in the first gen pair of roclites I once had.. They seemed to wear extremely fast also.

Thanks Damien.

Pretty steep price if the tread only lasts a month a couple hundred miles. I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on these or the neo trails considering that.

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