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On the hunt for a minimal business casual shoe

I wear Altra Intuitions for long distance road running. However, I have not found a pair of minimal shoes to wear for work that are business casual looking. I have tried a few like the Merrell Barefoot Glove but my toes are cramped even though the rest of the fit feels good. I find myself going back to my Birkenstock clogs or sandals most days. But I am just not sure if that is a good choice if I want to run in more minimal shoes. I would really appreciate any suggestions for minimal shoes that have a wide toe box and look like business casual.

Also, I live in Florida so cold weather is not an issue for me.


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Check out the patagonia pau. I got mine on zappos with some extra thin insoles. Excellent brown loafer, wide toe box, zero drop, good ground feel, flexible. Ran 1/2 size large.

Soft star shoes just introduced a men's casual work shoe. Check out their site at Great company with wonderful customer service and some of the best shoes I've worn. (No affiliation other than that of happy customer.)


Thanks Lori, these look great. I was wondering if you have tried the Mary Jane style. If you have which width did you get?

For all of you looking for a great men's business casual/dress minimalist shoe, check out A true wellness shoe that fits perfectly for work or play! My husband LOVES his TUNES!


Thanks Nancy! I love the look of these. I am going to get a pair for my husband. He is an attorney so the style of his shoes is important. It has been so hard to find a minimalist shoe that he can wear to court. Do you have any suggestions for women's styles?

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