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Pant length

Hmmmm running into an interesting problem. Finding a lot of my pants are no longer the right length. With out that one or so inch of heel lift everything is draggin on the ground. This is getting darn right annoying. A closet full of "old style" shoes that won't fit. Drawer full of pants that need altering.


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And i pretty much bought pants that came to the ground in heeled shoes. Oh, well. There's no going back. The improvement in my back, knees, shoulders and everywhere else more than justifies a wardrobe adjustment.



Jeff you can say that again. For the first time in two years I was able to sit and cross my left leg over my right knee without pain in my hip. There was all sorts of medical reasons and ideas the doctor put forth for my problem but changing my foot wear to help one big toe was not one of them Almost silly to think that one tiny problem leads to the next and the next with each problem amplifying the next. I have only been bare footing and in minimalist shoes for two and a half months. It really frustrates me to think how many people are having cortisone shots or even operations when changing shoes is all it might take.


Running has led to a waistline reduction so I had to buy new pants anyway. I got tired of cinching them tight with a belt and having the bunch up and pinch (my wife noticed they looked funny too).

I just replaced 3 pairs of jeans and bought pants with a shorter inseam.


...Actually the big problem i have is that the kinds of jeans I like (and most jeans, actually) only commonly come in even sized waists and inseams. A little long in one size looks high-water in the next one down, so what can one do? Getting jeans tailored sort of ruins the jeans ethos for me. What would a gold miner do? Roll them, probably.



Being a short woman I've always had this problem. Some low-tech solutions: Staples and tape, hemming loosely with needle and thread, just rolling them up. High-tech: sewing machine.


and I have this problem a lot. I bring all of my pants to the tailor.

I find it funny that pants that I've already tailored are now dragging on the ground again!

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