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how I got here

I spend years working on cement and asphalt. I jogged in mid-range price shoes because I was in the USAF and was not allowed to be fairly chunky, which seems to run in the family.

I've had orthotics, been put in casts just to hold my foot still and keep me from using it for plantar fascitis. I've had those steroid shots in the sole of the foot. I've also called one doctor who gave me that fabulous shot such vile things that he bragged to another doctor about it, who came in and asked me about it very delicately because I was the 1st woman to ever use those exact words in their office and I don't normally act that way. On another occasion, I did manage to hold my breath until I passed out and the third time I made such a horrific keening noise that medics came to the door to check and I did not even realize I was the one making that noise until they were nearly finished with me.

I just had bone spurs removed and had both my big toes fused to the metatarsals because the bones on each end had resembld a road map for years and the cracking crumbling mess was causing me great pain. At the same time, I had not worn a high heel shoe in 15 years and had not worked standing on cement in 10.

I started wearing moccs after the operations because regular shoes did not fit anymore. My feet were high and wide before, now they are much, much more so, possibly because I only wore scuff style house slippers, moccs and sandals for 3 years during the operations and recovery.

I came to realize my knee problems were much less and began to throw out shoes that were not helping. I'd like to live entirely in zero drop shoes with flexible soles because they are helping me with my foot and knee health.

I've also just started making my own shoes with a sewing machine. I want to talk to people that make their shoes and people that think their health has been improved.

Doctors wanted me in more and more complicated orthotic devices forever. I just got tired of the pain and walked away from it all and decided to get better on my own because they weren't really helping. I still have problems with my feet and knees, but I'm much better.


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Wow, that is an incredible story. It sounds like you are slowly on the mend, I sincerely hope that you are able to beat these issues. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know!


To keep it short... diagnosed with Asymmetrical Arthritis because I was having problems with left big toe, knee and hip. Told I would need cortisone shots in toe and early hip replacement probably by the age of 50...I was 46. I never believe doctors.... long history there. After doing research I dropped carbs from my diet. Less then 10g a day. Removal of grains and potato meant inflammation in the body disappeared. Toe got some better but not total. Learned about bare footing. 3 years later no problem in any of those joints. Hip took the longest to get better. Also reversed my type 2 diabetes. Give it Marie. the improvements seem to be stuck for awhile then suddenly you are aware of not having a pain without realizing it. Sort of funny how it happens.

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