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Running barefoot (or practically) in Utah

Just wanted to introduce myself. Don't know how many others out there from Utah are totally into the barefoot/minimalist running. I want to be better and I am getting better. Running isn't my favorite but I would like to enjoy it more.


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I've been thus far focussed on the pavement. Road biking, running road races and such. Yes, I have the blessing of living next to beautiful mountains. This spring/summer I plan to start my trail running/training and I'm looking forward to it. I've been told by others that the VFF platform isn't the best on the rocky trails. Along with my VFFs I also own a pair of Newton Racers so right now I'm picturing in my dreams a pair of the Terra Momentus on my feet.


My first barefoot race was in South Weber, UT back in August. It was a last minute decision the morning before driving for home, and I'm glad I decided to do it.

My wife and I both have family in Utah, so we frequent your state often. Perhaps we'll 'run' into each other :-)

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