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Sierra Foothills Minimalist Runner

Can't truly call myself a barefoot runner as I've been running since July in Vibrams Bikilas. Won't go back to shoes. Wanted to BF, but the transition was really difficult for me & once I got the VFF's it was easier...slow, but definitely easier. I can run as much as I want now in the VFFs & thinking when the weather warms up again, I'll do some total barefoot running since my feet, Achilles & calves are accustomed to minimalist running. Still have some nagging problems (knee mostly) that's not been resolved with the transition, but, as I mentioned earlier, won't be going back to shoes anytime soon. Just need to get back to stretching & strengthening & I'm sure to be as good as new. Looking forward to getting to know you all & learning new stuff.


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