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Greetings all!

I'm currently in the Afghanistan and I'm looking to pick up a pair of minimalist boots but I have no idea how the sizing runs for the two brands. My Merrell Trail Gloves and Barefoot Life Radiuses both fit perfectly in size 9 - perfect width and pleny of room in the toe bed. I'm looking at the Kuuva 2s and the Bellville 102 Mini-mil. I would greatly appreciate any input as to how the merrell sizes would translate to the Kuuvas or Mini-mils (other boot recommendaitons are welcome, too!)



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Hey Chris, it has been eons since I have tried on a pair of Trail Gloves, so I can't really compare to those. I will say that the Kuuva 2 fits true to size - I wear a 9.5/43 in other shoes and the Kuuva 2 size 43 fits me just fine.

I have not tried the Mini-mils, so I can't comment on those. Perhaps someone else can?


I wear size 40 Merrell pace gloves, and I have on my feet right now a brand new pair of Kuuva 2s which I'm breaking in around the house, and I'd say they fit perfectly, maybe even a little bit long - which is okay, as I'll need space for thicker socks. So I second Damien, Kuuvas fit true to size. Never tried Mini-mils.

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