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Some shoe patterns I want to review

The above link is for a couple shoe patterns used several hundred years ago in Europe that I am fiddling around with right now. They are from Margrethe Hald's book, Primitive Shoes. They are very easy, very nice. You can make these with a knife as your only tool, altho a hole punch is nice.

And this webpage sells a pattern that makes a shoe that is a great deal like the Soft Star Shoe, from infant to size US Women's 15. Just ignore the bright colors and decorations on the top of them and really look at the shoe. They've reverse engineered the Soft Star Shoe.

For even more variation, make it so the heel section is on the outside and use a shoestring in the casing instead of elastic and it looks vaguely like a loafer. At least that's what I tell myself.

I have made myself this shoe with the thinnest leather I've ever seen from a shirt and the thinnest Vibram sole available so it would work on a common sewing machine. I had to go down 2 sizes and its still loose because they expect you to use padding and so I'm positive a Man's size 15 could wear them without the sole padding, sheepskin lining, etc. Another pattern book I have says to enlarge 3% per shoe size on a copier machine and that may work if you only go up 1 or 2 sizes. Don't be discouraged by lack of men's sizes.

The pattern allows for wide feet. In fact, they tell you if your feet aren't wide, how to make the shoe less wide. I have wide feet and high arches and high insteps and they fit me fine.

I hope reviewing patterns is allowed. I don't own this webpage or know these people. I absolutely love this pattern and I think you will too.



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