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These are not minimalist...

Okay, we need to have a determine what can legitimately be called "minimal".

Proposed criteria: 0 exceptions Sole may be no more than Xmm thick. Toe box must not constrict the foot Must have X measurable degree of flexibility.

Everything else needs another half a$$ bandwagoning.

Thank it all.

Walk On.


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While 4mm isn't ideal, it isn't all that bad. That is the same drop as the NB Minimus, and some of the more minimal Inov-8 models.

What I would say is really shocking about these shoes is the thickness of the foam under foot.

There was a long conversation that happened in the forum on standards a while ago: but nothing ever materialized formally. At some point I think it would be good to have a categorization/scoring system for footwear so people could tell degrees of "minimal-ness".


Yeah, I've been thinking about that a lot. My proposal would be...

Max Drop Max distance between the foot and floor. Max pressure required to fold heel to toe.

Maybe could be useful, if only as a standard for discussing shoe options on this site.

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