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Anyone tried the TrekSport yet? This one intrigues me quite a bit... the sole of the Trek married with the upper of the KSO seems like a match made in heaven to me. In theory, they would work great for hiking and backpacking.


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Honestly, I think the only reason to go with the TrekSport vs the KSO Trek is if you don't like animal products. The kangaroo leather of the KSO has 10 times the tensile strength of cow hide, so it can be cut very thin and still be very strong.

If you don't like animal products though, or maybe want to save a few bucks, the TrekSport is a good choice.

It isn't the same upper as the KSO though. The TrekSport has a coconut fiber upper vs some other fabric on the KSO's, so it should be stronger for those off road jaunts where you are likely to encounter twigs and stuff.


Hi Damien,

I have the Trek and the TrekSport. I think the TrekSport is better than the Trek in terms of comfort. Because the upper is stretchy coconut fibre, it hugs your foot and keeps it in place better. I found with the Treks that my foot slides around inside the shoe because the kangaroo leather is not stretchy and quite wide (I have a normal width foot, not wide). I got blisters on the bottoms of both big toes whenever I ran in the Treks for longer than half an hour. I've run in the TrekSports for over 45 minutes and had no such issues. The grips feel exactly the same. And neither is good for cold weather below -10C. :)



Thanks Tina.

My thoughts on the TrekSport were that it might be able to handle water better. My experience with leather tells me that when it gets wet it takes a lot longer to dry out. I have no experience with either model to back that up though.


I cannot comment on the TrekSport with its coconut mesh upper, but it seems to me the KSO Treks dry much faster for me than both my Bikilas and regular KSO Remix made of fabric. The Treks don't absorb as much water and they lose that squishy feeling very quickly compared to the fabric VFFs.

I'd be interested to find out of the coconut upper is better at shedding water than the fabric is.


I doubt I'll be able to test the shedding water theory in the TrekSports until Spring. It's a little cold here to be running with soaking wet feet. Sorry I can't add more to the thread about that. :(

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