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What brand of minimalist sandals is Sammy Hagar wearing?

Was checking out this interview with his band Chickenfoot when I noticed his sandals. They don't look familiar to me, any ideas?

EDIT:This shot shows the sandals in relation to the tequila ;0)


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Good question, I would love to know too. At first glance I thought they looked like a VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles, but upon closer inspection that doesn't appear to be the case.


They look like Vibram Five Fingers to me. Sammy Hagar?? Woah. Blast from the past. He looks different.

Oh wait, I was confusing him with David Lee Roth. Sorry.


Doesn't Sammy Hagar have a thing for red? Perhaps he bought Chinese knock-offs. Those seem to come in a lot of wild colors.

He is wearing a brand called Mion, which was designed and developed by Martin Keen who started Keen footwear after he left Keen. Mion was started by Martin and Timberland back in 2006. It is no longer around as Martin and Timberland parted ways shortly after this.

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