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Wide foot minmal shoes

I am new to these types of shoes and would like to try some. Any recommendations for me with EE wide feet?


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Can you tell us a little more regarding what you are looking for? Are you looking for casual, running, or general fitness? For what season? Any other pertinent info?


Yes, running. I am looking at minimal because the more common manufactured standard shoes cause me foot pain especially in the arch and from the rubber side walls. My last shoes were NB 883 and were advertised as neutral. They seemed neutral and arches felt good, then I developed heel pain after only a few runs. I thought it was just a PF attack so I rested and rested but every time I retried the shoes the pain came back. AS long as I stay out of the shoes my feet are fine? There is a kind of empty area in the center of the heel bottom and my guess is that my weight bearing is causing the harder heel rubber to push up against my heel and increasing the pressure due to the reduced square area making contact with the ground. On the inside of the heel the center area is soft and spongy while the outer are that meets the side of the shoe are extremely hard. There seems to be a sharp change between the hard and the sift area. This is whee I feel the pain. I think a single last with no gimmicky attachments is what I am looking for. Even if it were multiple layers but no uneven protrusions would seem to be what my feet want. Sorry for the long explanation, but it is hard to describe.


My experience has found that shoes with the most flexible uppers are the most comfortable for wide feet. That is what has worked for me anyway. The VFF KSOs nice stretchy upper work well with my wide feet. I also have pre-release of the Altra Adam which also works well for me too. The GoLite shoes are quite wide, but are much less minimalist than others. Of course there are also the various huaraches options (such as Luna, Unshoes, and Invisible Shoes) which will work for any sized foot. I have heard really good things about Barefoot Teds latest strap system for his Luna huaraches, they are supposed to be really comfortable.

Inov-8 shoes can be hit-or-miss, they tend to run narrow but the soft mesh uppers on the X-Talon 190 and F-Lite 195 are very forgiving for wider feet, although I am not a big fan of the pointy toebox.


I swear that not every comment of mine will be pushing Altra footwear but those few who have tried the shoes, give me some back-up. The Altra's accommodate a medium to wide foot very nicely. If you still want a bit of shoe but want a wide toe box, zero drop, and a simple natural cushioned shoe, maybe try the Altra Instinct?! Just a thought, and best of luck


Damien, Thanks, I have ordered a pair of KSO's for now and will see how they do.

Also Brian, Checked on the Adams and I believe that they would be available in April 2011.

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