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Winter Running

As the weather cools down I'm finding myself getting disappointed at the thought of winter. I'm new to running and wondered if anyone has advice on running in the winter time? We get quite a bit of snow here in Utah but there are almost always dry spells throughout the winter. The trails that I enjoy will be covered in snow all year.

We do have an indoor track but I don't think I can handle running inside like that! Any advice is appreciated!


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I have been running through the last couple of winters. Are you looking for general advice, or advice specifically about footwear?

When it comes to footwear, I think that the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trails are going to be great for me this winter...


I'm looking for general advice. I've done a lot of snowshoeing and x-country skiing but those are always in the higher elevations of the mountains. For running I'll stick to the lower elevations in and around town. I might have to experiment with clothing so that I don't get too hot or too cold...


For clothing, I have a few things that I layer depending on how cold it is: an ultralight wind shirt (Patagonia Nine Trails), a lightweight merino t-shirt, a merino long sleeve shirt, a fleecy beanie, some glove liners, a pair of running mitts, and some really warm tights made by Craft. This year I will be adding a pair of not-so warm tights for weather when the Crafts are overkill.

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