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With bare feet across the Alps

If people ever tell you that walking in the mountains with bare feet is impossible just tell them about Martl Jung. This german crossed the Alps in 32 days from Munich in Germany to Verona in Italy. About 200km including walking and climbing on ice, rocks etc. And he took no shoes with him at all. Not even for emergency. Though he used some snow and ice grippers on some slopes.<br> His website is in german so you should use Google Translate to read it. But there are also al lot of pictures to see. These are also impressive. Martl has very big feet. Probably well trained and with a thick skin. I don't think my feet will ever be like that. But it is nice to see what others can achieve with bare feet.

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In a Dutch outdoor magazine I read an interview with Martl Jung. He said that his feet don't become cold in the snow as long as he is moving. But with the snow and ice grippers on his feet he got some problems with it because the snow got caught between the grippers and his feet. I recognize the cold feet problem. It's probably my length (6'6" or 1.89m). So the warm blood takes a long way down the extremities. Last weekend I did my first cold weather hike with my Vivo Barefoot Aqueous. Air temperatures had risen to about 10 degrees C or 50 degrees F. But the ground was still cold. While I was moving it was no problem but at night, in camp, I felt the cold getting into my feet.

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