Two years ago we did a review of a chia seed energy drink called Achiva Native Energy. We found it to be a healthy, tasty, refreshing alternative to the powdery energy drink mixes typically found on the market.

What Achiva Native Energy did for energy drinks, Saquito Mix does for energy snacks. In fact, the only seemingly major difference between the two is that Saquito Mix isn't mixed with water; you just eat it straight-up.

Saquito Mix

Concocted out of a mix of chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut, coconut sugar, goji berries, and a few other natural ingredients, Saquito mix is not a bar but a seedy mix similar in texture to coarsely ground birdseed. You might even go so far as calling it a southwestern take on Furikake. However you describe it, one thing is for certain: it tastes great.

We were given three packets to sample over the course of the summer. We took them on a couple hikes and one backpacking trip to supplement our usual snack supply. The flavor and texture was a nice change from what we usually bring (various renditions of GORP), and I am sure would also be a welcome alternative for those who tire of energy bars.

I know what some of you are thinking... chia seeds are so 2009 (the publish date of Born to Run). The truth of the matter is, whether they were a fad or not (like minimalist footwear?), Chia seeds have a few nutritional benefits going for them - namely being a rich source of plant-based omega 3 fat, in addition to providing fiber, protein, and minerals. When you combine them with other nutrient-rich ingredients you can wind up with a potent concoction that packs significant nutritional punch. According to their product description...

Chia is the richest plant source of omega 3, a critical nutrient for everyone, and no energy food offers you as much omega 3 as Saquito. Saquito has been built to give you 10g of complete plant based protein, and 30% of your daily needs for fiber. In addition Saquito is low glycemic, low in sugar, and low in carbohydrates. This makes it the perfect fuel for generating the fat burning, endurance giving metabolism that keeps your body full of clean lasting energy.

What we like about Saquito Mix:

  • The ingredient list is relatively short, understandable, and healthy.
  • It's different. We like variety in our trail food choices, and Saquito Mix is a refreshing departure from the usual.
  • Being a ground mixture, it is easy to eat as much or as little as you like without having to worry about re-packaging a partially eaten bar. Of course if you are a GORP eater (like us), then this may not be significant for you.
  • Not a lot of chewing is required. This can be an advantage in some situations. I bet it would also make a great snack for winter activities where freezing is an issue (anyone ever try eating a frozen PowerBar?).
  • It is versatile; eat it as-is, mix it in, or sprinkle it on top of other food for added flavor and nutrition.
  • It tastes delicious.

Was their anything we didn't like? Yes... I am not a big fan of Stevia. While I am sure they put it in there to increase likability, Stevia doesn't really add anything other than sweetness without calories. I am of the opinion that everything doesn't need to be sweet (not all of us are sugar addicts). As far as I am concerned, they could have just left the Stevia out. It's not a deal-breaker, but a little nit none-the-less.

Concluding Thoughts

In general, our preference is to make as much of our own snack foods as possible. By doing that we know exactly what we are consuming and how it was made. There are times however when we purchase pre-packaged foods to supplement what we make. When we do that, we try to look for healthful, quality ingredients and not too much processing. Saquito Mix fits the bill.

You can purchase Saquito Mix single-serving sized packages on Amazon, or in larger bulk-sized bags on the Saquito website.