Early this spring I started running. I didn't intend to start running; my goal was simply to be outside exercising every day. But once I made that commitment running wasn't much of a leap.

girl walking on road

To help keep me motivated I registered for a 5K in June. I'm running this along with Damien and the kids. He's doing the half marathon and the kids and I will run the 5K together. Together, in a loose sort of way. I'll probably eat their dust and they'll cheer me on at the finish line.

girl running through woods

When I started training there was still ice and snow on the ground. In the six weeks since that time (I've been running for six weeks already!) the snow and ice have melted and spring has come to our mountain home.

trail running

I had started my training on the road because it was the clearest path. Muddy as all-get-out and slick with ice in some spots, but still, relatively clear.

trail running by river

Now that we've had a stretch of warm and sunny days the trail through the woods and along the river is my favored route. Slipping on ice is no longer a fear, tripping on roots is.

trail running along path

With all the spring melt the creeks that drain off our mountain and into river are flooded, and crossing them has proved challenging. But what's an honest trail run without a significant stream crossing?

trail running

Since the kids are training for the 5K also, they sometimes join me on my run. And together we navigate the roots, the mud, and the streams.

I know we're not making the best time on these runs but we're not out there to set any records. That's not what this is about. Spring trail running is about enjoying the beauty of where we live. It's about celebrating the arrival of warmer weather (thank goodness!). It's about spending time with my girls - getting dirty and having fun.

spring river

Do you go trail running? Have you tried it with your kids?