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Introducing a Young Minimalist Company-STEM Footwear

My name is Andrew. I started STEM Footwear over a year ago when I discovered my solution to my many athletic injuries and imbalances. I'm a former Decathlete for Purdue's Track and Field team. Although I had many successes, my best being a High School Pole Vaulting National Champ, I suffered many sidelining injuries. Unfortunately it wasn't until my athletic career ended that I found my solution, barefoot and minimalist running/lifestyle. I decided something had to be done about the way the Big Companies are making shoes and it would take a new small company to do make a shoe that isn't afraid to actually let us feel what we are stepping on. We are currently releasing more reviews and pics of STEM and taking pre-orders for August delivery. We look forward to your comments, email us at:


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Is there any difference between the Primal, Survival, and Natural origins shoes other than color? Are these shoes intended for running? Road? Trail?


I've got my fingers (toes?) crossed that these are wide enough in the toe box. I can't wear my Vivo's anymore because they're too narrow, and aren't offered in anything but one width...


Thank you for the kind welcome Damien. Yes there is definately an Xtra-Wide Toebox, because I have the same toe sensitivity to confined spaces. We were cautioned that a shoe could not be made this wide because no other company would do it, but it turned out great. The only thing I can compare it to is the Altra Running product, which I have the utmost respect for (Golden, Brian, and Jeremy are great guys).

The STEM Origins Series for Fall 2011 will consist of three color options for Men and two for Women. The Primal Origins is Slate Grey(M) and Frost Grey(W), the Survival Origins is Earth Brown(M,W), and the Natural Origins is Moss Green(M). More color options will be released in the Future.


Very nice site, with lots of great info. The shoes look great as well. If i see a color combination in the future i could get away with wearing at work, i'll definitely be ordering a pair.


I can't wait to see some more reviews on these when they come out in the fall. They look very promising.


Those look like really comfortable slippers Andrew.

Will you also be catering for people with narrow ankles - my feet usually slip out of shoes that are that wide near the back?


Love how these look. Signed up to get the email when they are ready. I really like the elastic laces. I'm new to minimalist footwear & concerned about the shoes slipping off my heel. Looks like they will be very adjustable. Would love to review a pair if you need a woman's perspective. :) Trish


I love the design of your shoes, and I immediately sent a link to my husband with a subject line saying, "I want!!!"! :o) I look forward to seeing more from your company.

Mindi Young


Andrew, I've been following your development of Stem. Do you plan on having them in any retail stores in Northern CA?



Hi Andrew I hope things are going well for you and the company. Just ordered my pair and can hardly wait. Unfortunately as they are arriving in the Fall....barring unforeseen issues of course, winter will quickly follow. SO to that end may I suggest you consider developing these shoes into a boot like the kuuva but without laces. Since a slip on may not work then a half wrap with velcro might fit the bill. Of course the soul would need to be a bit thicker to provide traction lugs.

Anyway here's to a good Spring and Summer to you all


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