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Transition to minimalist now complete - but what about the winter

It's taken about a year for me to feel as though my stride is where I need it to be, but will continue to work on improving it. About 6 months ago I started moving towards minimalist running shoes, and well now I'm there. I run in NB Minimus Trails and Brooks Green Silence.

My running shoes are fine for road and relatively smooth trails, but as I start moving into the ultra trail running direction, I feel as though I need something more substantial to protect my feet from the sharp rocks, and also snow is just around the corner.

Any input as to what to consider for this? Thanks


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I'm looking for a winter minimal shoe as well.

I've got a waterproof minimal shoe/moccasin design (for Unshoes) that's been swimming around in my head but it won't be anywhere near being market ready this winter. I'm going to make a prototype for myself and test it out.


Merrel has two trailruningshoes that are suitable for winter use. The Sonic Glove has a waterresistend softshell upper and the Embark Glove even has an upper made of Gore-tex.

Vivobarefoot just released the Neo Trail (water resistend uppers) and will also release an ankle high boot that has been tested for running in snow.


I had the same issue last winter. I got the Merrell Trail Glove. It is not waterproof like the Sonic or the Embark but I found it to be perfectly serviceable winter shoe. When the temps are cold enough, I did wear wool socks. That said, I was mostly looking for a shoe that would provide a bit of traction on plowed roads & shoulders and could attach YakTrax when it was really icy. I was not looking for shoe for deep snow.

The Trail Glove certainly has a firm enough platform for rocky trail situations and is great for my 6-ish mile runs. I've read others complain that the Trail Glove does not provide enough cushion for longer runs.

I love my Trail Gloves for both the road & trails.


I find that when the temperature drops, I need some foam under my feet. Not for cushioning, but for insulation. I think a shoe I am going to enjoy using this winter for running will be the Altra Instinct. It is zero drop, nice toebox, and has some foam under foot for warmth. It also has enough structure for wearing a traction device as well. In fact, the sole is thick enough that, if I wanted to, I could even put screws in :-)

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