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Washable winter shoes

After years of foot pain and lower back pain, I evolved to wider shoes, untied, and now barefoot I have to wear shoes for managing my store, so I wear Lems in the store. As soon as I started barefooting I grew intolerant to socks - now my feet warm up so much that I want to crawl out of my skin if I dare wear socks. I wash my Lems every week, so they always smell fresh. Is there winter footwear that will be : Super wide Flat thin soled Washable

Minnesota winters are a bit brutal.


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Boy, that's a tough one, I am not aware of any washable winter boots. Maybe socks in the winter will help keep your feet warmer anyway :-) Have you tried wearing toesocks? Maybe they would be more comfortable for you?


Good find Huib! Their suitability for winter obviously depends on how cold and how much snow you get. I certainly couldn't use those where I live :-)


Those are nice, but does not seem to be more protection than the Lems I wear for work.

Lems Have some nice boots, but they are not washable and will probably have to be worn with socks.....

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