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Winter boots for canadian winter

Hi everyone, I started my "barefoot revolution" last spring and had the best summer I ever had in a long time! My back, my knees, my whole body thanked me for it. My feet even grew by half a size! I need to say that I'm a walker, not a runner. Then winter arrived (I'm up here in Ottawa) and I needed to get winter boots. I got something really warm, Keen boots, but ever since I started wearing them my lower back hurts like a $!% (I'll let you guess). I couldn't really find a casual winter solution for minimalist enthusiasts who needs to commute to go to work. I found the Scott Mens from Vivobarefoot but as all there footwear, they were sold out. Does anyone have any other suggestions or do I need to wait for them to become available?


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Molly Mac Gear Leather & Canvas Mukluks...other options are: Canadian Forces Arctic Mukluk,USGI extreme cold weather Mukluk,Oversize Chuck Taylor with liner boot(would order some w/ rubber galosh overshoe for wet weather... all of these are designed for usage well below zero, also would most likely use a Wiggy's liner boot instead of wool liner boot.)


How high do you need the boots to be? Do you need to walk in deep snow with them, or do you need them to predominantly keep you warm? I have a few ideas, but it really depends on what the conditions are you will be using them for.


Hi Damien, at the ankle is fine enough. I don't need to go "play" in the snow with them. It's mostly for commuting to work, which includes buses and sidewalks. And yes, mainly to keep me warm but it also needs to keep the water out (puddles, light snow, etc.)


Francis: In your case, for commuting and having to deal with snow/slush, you might want to actually look at an overboot. NEOS ( makes some great waterproof overboots that are completely flat, and light weight. You can wear them over any shoes you like (your indoor work shoes, your favorite minimalist shoes). They have some models that are insulated, while others that are not. They also come in a variety of heights.

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