Minimalist and Winterized, the VIVOBAREFOOT Scott

by Huib van der Wal

I have been wearing the VIVOBAREFOOT Scott for some time now and I have been very pleased with it. We first mentioned this shoe in the VIVOBAREFOOT winter range write-up last fall. I wanted to write about the Scott's cold weather capabilities but winter hasn’t really started up in the part of Europe where I live (Toe Salad readers in North America will probably frown when they read this).

The Kigo Pai - An Everyday shoe

by Charity Johnson

The Kigo Pai is a trendy, oxford shoe designed for everyday use. It is both comfortable and stylish, while remaining very minimal. The Pai also puts a high priority on being environmentally friendly, as a lot of recycled components are used in its construction. The other perk? It is available for both women and men - in this article we take a look at the women's version.

A Look at Injinji 2.0 Nüwool Merino Toe Socks

by Huib van der Wal

Once upon a time, Injinji had a collection of Nüwool socks but they were (sadly) discontinued. Lucky for us, they were not discontinued forever, but replaced by a new 2.0 generation. Nüwool is a mix of merino wool, nylon and Lycra (spandex). Merino feels comfortable to the skin and reduces odor but is not very strong. The added nylon gives the socks their strength while the Lycra adds stretch.