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Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System

My knees and feet are structurally unsound genetically. My ankle bones sag downwards on the inside about 10 or 12 degrees. I am extremely knock-kneed and have been aware of that since I was a teenager. I have a horrific Q angle. I wore orthotics for all of this plus plantar fascitis which I was told would never go away. It went away when I was on bed rest for something else and quit wearing the orthotics.

There's one therapist who refuses to speak to me because I said, "Explain why foot pain is more enjoyable than knee pain. I'm listening."

She's also infuriated because I wear moccs instead of "proper" shoes.

I'm getting near a point now. Damien told me to try Barefoot Science footbeds. You are supposed to wear each level for a week then go to the next.

I got stuck at the 2nd stage for a month. My feet were working out like mad, sometimes so much I could not stand it and had to quit for a day or 2 and go without them to rest from the exercise because I could not take it anymore.

Something big is going on here. I'm starting the 3rd step tomorrow. I decided I'm ready because my feet have not protested in a couple days.


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Hey Marie, I am really happy to hear that you are making progress. It sounds like a good thing, I hope you find success. Please keep us in the loop, I am very interested in hearing how this goes for you.

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